5 Things You Need to Do Before Moving into a New House

Are you getting ready to move into a new house? Are you looking for ways to make your move run smoothly and relieve stress from your life?

Moving can put a significant strain on you and your loved ones. However, if you’re well-prepared, you can make your move effortless.

1) Do Your Research on Moving Companies

Before you become dead set on moving by yourself, consider hiring professionals.

Professional movers take a lot of weight off your shoulders, literally. They will do the heavy lifting of your move for you so that you can rest easy and help you and your family avoid injuries.

Professional movers have the knowledge and expertise to make your move run smoothly. They’ll deliver your stuff from Point A to Point B for you, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

2) Deep Clean

Take advantage of a fresh start in your new home be giving it a thorough cleaning before you move in. Either hire a cleaning service to help with this important task or grab your cleaning supplies and dig in.

Deep cleaning before you haul in all of your furniture and belongings allows you to see what needs the most attention. It is also harder to get to some of those areas when all of your stuff arrives.

Make sure you steam clean the carpets, scrub the floors, wipe out the cabinets, wash the windows, as well as clean the baseboards and window sills. Also, refresh the bathrooms with a sanitizing cleaning and replace the toilet seats.

Try to reach every nook and cranny with all your cleaning supplies.

3) Paint the Walls

Now that you have the house clean and if time allows, paint the interior rooms. The best time to paint is when the house is empty. It saves you from having to move and cover furniture.

Painting even some of the house before you move in is a great time saver. If you can’t decide on colors, just paint everything a neutral color like white or a light beige, gray, or another background color you love. Select a neutral color that works ideally with your furniture and color schemes.

4) Change the Locks

Don’t forget before you get settled into your new home that it’s important you change the locks.

If you don’t, the previous owners of the house could still have access to the property.Hire a locksmith before you move into your new home so that you can be confident knowing you and your family are safe.

Also make sure you change the garage door code.

5) Update Your Loved Ones

You’ll want to make a formal announcement about your change of address so that your friends and family won’t keep sending mail to your old house.

Give people a heads up and send out an email or post a Facebook update that you’re moving. Have people private message you if they’re interested in learning your new address.

You’ll also need to have your bills and other important documents sent to your new address.

Follow These Tips Before Moving into a New House

These tips are designed to make moving into a new house feel like a piece of cake.

Keep in mind that a well-organized move is a good one. The more details you work out beforehand, the less you’ll be tripped up by surprises.

Remember that professional movers can aid tremendously in relieving stress from your move. Interested in more about our moving services? Please check out more information here.