South Florida’s 3 Must-See Attractions

Florida is known as one of the big tourism centers of the country, and there are many excellent destinations to visit.

There are probably a few that you might not know about though. That’s why we’ve put together this list of three must-see places in Florida.

Read on to learn about these great destinations!

1. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

While there are some gorgeous beaches and amusement areas in South Florida, there are other beautiful natural sites to be found as well. We encourage you to go and experience the too often undersold Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, the 180-acre park offers not only gorgeous sights but also some great activities for guests. These include but are not limited to:

  • Canoeing in the mile-long lagoon
  • Fishing from the seawall
  • Hiking trails
  • Camping

If beaches are your pleasure, then you should check out one of the gorgeous options South Florida has to offer, Sanibel Island.

For those interested in moving to the area, this Floridian oasis could be a much-needed escape from the stress of daily living.

2. Sanibel Island

If beaches are your thing, then you should check out one of the gorgeous options South Florida has to offer, Sanibel Island.

According to their tourism site,

“Sanibel is one of the unique barrier islands of the world, having an east-west orientation when most islands are north-south. Hence, the island is gifted with great sandy beaches and an abundance of shells, winning awards for being the best shelling beach and one of the best beaches in Florida.”

This unusual quality of Sanibel has prompted many tourists to scour its beaches for whatever treasures they can find that have been washed up from the sea.

Besides shelling, guests of Sanibel can also go fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoy plenty of other beachfront activities. There are also great nature tours and historical sites available for those hoping to learn something on their trip.

Sanibel Island is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in all of Florida and should be put on your list of must-see destinations.

3. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

If you are seeking more of an educational experience, you can’t go wrong with Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

Vizcaya is a National Historic Landmark and accredited museum that seeks to provide its guests with not only an educational experience but also a memorable one. There you will find not only gorgeous sights but also artistic opportunities.

This is a great destination option for families. If you haven’t made the trip out to Vizcaya in Miami yet, we highly recommend it.

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