Community Moving & Storage Moving Programs: Make Money While Moving, Set Up Your Life in Your New Home, and Get Settled in Before You Even Arrive!

 As part of America’s largest and most trusted moving network, Community Moving & Storage connect Tampa residents to world-class moving services and programs. With Community, you get a safe move, comprehensive insurance, elite services, and programs to help you earn money back for your move.

Our Moving Programs

Our elite moving and storage services come complete with world-class moving programs to help make your life easier during these stressful times. Whether it’s setting up a maid service for your new home, assisting with a claim, or even paying you to move into your new home, Community has you covered.

CityPointe: Get Cash Back When You Move

Wouldn’t it be great to earn money for making the move you already planned on making? How about learning all about schools, preparing a budget, and brushing up on local culture while you’re at it?

That’s exactly what CityPointe does for you!

CityPointe is revolutionary new way to move across country and make money while doing it. Being part of the CityPointe network is part of what makes us the premier long-distance movers in Tampa.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for the CityPointe referral program
  2. Sell your home or purchase your new one using a CityPointe preferred realtor
  3. Use a CityPointe preferred mover
  4. You’ll receive approximately $5 per $1,000 in home value within 30 days

As part of the CityPointe network, we’ve already taken care of #3 for you. Once you use one of their certified real estate agents to buy or sell your home, you will receive cash back in a month or less.

But it’s much more than that, too! CityPointe is an all-in-one resource for a planning and making your move, too.

Even if your just moving local in Tampa (our Tampa local movers are the best!), you can still take advantage of their deals.

With CityPointe, you also get:

  • Budget Planning Tools: Short cut your budgeting process and get rid of all the stress by knowing exactly how much you’ll need and what you can afford.
  • Neighborhood Information: Moving across the country requires a lot of in-depth research. CityPointe helps you get to know your new surroundings before you even set foot in the area. With their neighborhood information services, you gain access to everything you need to know about moving from crime and education to climate and customs. Need to know your commute to work, what your public school options are, or the best area for kids and families? CityPointe has the answers.
  • More than Just Cash Back: Getting money back is great, but CityPointe is so much more than that. They offer mortgage, real estate, temporary housing providers, and even electronics assembly and identity protection. This one-stop resource is the ultimate moving tool!

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On Point Preferred®: Customize Your Local or Long-Distance Tampa Move with Mayflower

Mayflower makes it easy to customize your move. We’ve listened to thousands of customers over our decades in the industry to see what their biggest moving concerns are. We’ve put together this package of services to take care of all of your moving needs. Feel free to bundle together the ones you need and forget the ones you don’t.

Additional service packages are available through On Point Preferred®

  • Special Home Services
    • Maid Service (Move in and move out)
    • PC/ Network Setup
    • Home Theater Disassemble/Setup
    • On Point Flagship Protection®
    • Claim Assist
    • Increased Destination Waiting Time
    • Additional Delay Payment
    • Destination Debris PickupAdditional Valuation Protection

For complete On Point Preferred® package descriptions and prices, please visit