5 of the Best Trails in Tampa Bay to Explore

Are you new to the Tampa area and looking for an exciting way to explore? Pack up a backpack with water and snacks, and head out for a hike!

Tampa Bay is a beautiful city located on the gulf coast of Florida. With beaches galore and warm weather year-round, it might seem that Tampa is simply a coastal destination. That is definitely not the case.

The Tampa area is lush with activities both on the coast and inland. If you’re a fan of hiking, you don’t need to move to the mountains. Tampa has everything you need for hiking, whether it’s a quick summer stroll or a long fall adventure. Read on for some of our favorite hiking trails in Tampa. 

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

If you’re looking to escape the urban sprawl of Tampa, make the drive out to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve.

This 245-acre park is located on Lake Maggiore in St. Petersburg. Featuring over 3 miles of trails and boardwalks, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is truly a place you can get lost in. The ecosystems contained in the park include floodplain forest, freshwater marsh, and Pine Flatwoods. 

Boyd Hill is also part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, so pack your binoculars and check out the wildlife. 

Lettuce Lake Park

On the north side of Tampa alongside the Hillsborough River, you’ll find Lettuce Lake Park, a 240 acre getaway with some beautiful nature. 

In addition to hiking and biking trails, Lettuce Lake has an extensive boardwalk system that will take you through swamps and cypress trees and get you up close with wildlife like herons and alligators. 

If you’re at Lettuce Lake Park, make sure to check out the observation tower to get a birds-eye view of the whole park. 

Fort De Soto Park

If you like to combine hiking with your beach days, Fort De Soto Park should be your go-to getaway from city life. 

Fort De Soto Park is located just southwest of St. Petersburg. The park is a sprawling 1,136-acres with five interconnected islands and some of the best beaches in America. 

If lounging on the beach isn’t your thing, Fort De Soto Park has over 7 miles of trails and pathways to explore where beautiful views are abundant.

Osprey and Pelican Trails

Honeymoon Island is a barrier island located just outside of Dunedin, and there you will find Osprey Trail and Pelican Trail. Both trails offer extensive views across the sound as well as the Gulf of Mexico. 

Osprey Trail leads you through a virgin pine forest complete with an underbrush of coastal plants.  

Pelican Trail winds its way around the perimeter of the peninsula along the Gulf of Mexico to the sound adjacent to Pelican Point and through mangrove marshes. 

Honeymoon Island is one of the last remaining areas with Florida slash pines, and Osprey Trail winds 2.5 miles through nesting colonies of osprey and pelicans. If you’re a bird lover, check it out. 

Bayshore Boulevard

This isn’t technically a hiking trail, but you moved to Tampa because you love the city.

Bayshore Boulevard wraps along the bay, offering 4.5 miles of paved pathways. It’s the perfect spot to go for a hike, run, or a leisurely stroll. You’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the water and Tampa’s stunning skyline. 

Beyond the Hiking Trails in Tampa

While there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails in Tampa, it’s not all the city has to offer. If you’re looking to make this amazing city your home, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re moving from across the world or just down the street, trust us to make your move as easy as possible.

While the Getting is Good: When is the Best Time to Move in Florida?

Are you thinking of moving to Florida? Wondering when it’s the best time to move there or the most effective way to move there? We’re here to help!

We’re covering everything you need to know about moving to Florida. So you can make your move as stress-free (and affordable) as possible.

The Best Time to Move 

Moving is a big undertaking—regardless of the time of year. But did you know that the time of year can have an impact on the cost and effort associated with a move? Here is how seasons can affect the overall cost and ease of Florida moving.

Spring and Summer

Spring through summer (May through August) is the most popular time to move. It’s especially busy during July and August, in part because of how busy the spring real estate season is. This is also the easiest time for families with children to relocate since most children are out of school over the summer.

Since the summertime is a popular season to move, there will be fewer moving resources at your disposal. So, if you do want to move to Florida during peak season, secure your moving date as soon as possible. That way, you can book a moving company while they still have availability.

Fall and Winter

Fall and winter (September through April) is the slow season for moving, so it’s typically less expensive and time consuming to coordinate your move. The housing market is less competitive, which means you’re likely to strike a better deal. Florida also tends to be more temperate in the winter, so moving activities like carrying boxes and moving furniture is a lot more pleasant.

Winter is also a slower season for movers. You’re more likely to score more cost-effective moving deals during this time than during summer. If you can delay your move until the fall or winter, you can save time, money, and stress.

Are you planning to move to Tampa? We have local and long-distance movers who can help make your move as stress-free and efficient as possible. 

What to Know About Moving to Florida

Depending on where you’re moving from, Florida may be very different from your current home. Here are some tips before you move so you can be as prepared as possible!


There’s a reason why Florida’s called the “Sunshine State.” It’s sunny and warm almost all year round. The summers are long, and the winters are short and mild—during the most temperate parts of the year, the temperature will be in the 80s.

Sunshine is a given in Florida, but so is rain. In some areas, it rains daily during certain seasons.


Florida’s median home value is currently estimated at $245,169, and home values are predicted to increase in the next year. Florida doesn’t have a state income tax making those savings an added benefit to Florida living.

Ready to Make Your Move

Making a move to Florida is wonderful—especially if you’re moving from somewhere with a brutal winter. By knowing about the best time to move, you can plan to relocate most affordably and effectively.

Know you’re moving, but not sure how you’re going to do it? Our professional movers can help with that! Contact us today. Get a free estimate for your move!

5 Family-Friendly Tampa Suburbs

Are you looking for a family-friendly suburban neighborhood near Tampa?

The City of Tampa is a popular place that people of all ages call their home. In fact, more than 150 people move to Tampa each day! With explosive development in the city’s Downtown Water District, the population of 385,000 people is expected to grow. 

One of the excellent real estate advantages for families in the Tampa area is the number of great neighborhoods. Each suburb has its own unique personality and benefits. 

But where are the best places to live in the Tampa area while you raise a family? Read on to learn about a few family-friendly Tampa suburbs!

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tampa and a beautiful place to call home.

Its location in South Tampa – just minutes from downtown and within walking distance to many shops and restaurants – makes it a convenient place to live, work, and play. 

Hyde Park Village is a walkable area with a small park and many great places to eat and shop. The Village hosts many kid-friendly events, including a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a pumpkin patch before Halloween!

2. Davis Islands

Davis Islands is a popular suburb that allows you to raise your family in an area set away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Located just a few minutes from Downtown Tampa, the neighborhood is situated on two human-made islands.

The neighborhood has a population of just over 5,500 people and is a peaceful area to reside, in part, because there is only one entrance onto the island. 

3. Carrollwood 

Carrollwood is a suburb that is well-known for being a family-friendly place in the north part of the city.

Among its family-friendly benefits, Carrollwood has a mix of walking trails, public parks, playgrounds, as well as locally-owned boutiques and restaurants. Carrollwood was one of the first established suburbs in the Tampa Bay area. It’s close to downtown Tampa, the airport, and local cuisine. 

4. Westchase 

Since it was founded in 1991, Westchase has become one of the premier neighborhoods for families in the Tampa Bay area.

Located halfway between Tampa and Palm Harbor, it’s home to more than 21,000 people and has an excellent location for access to Tampa or Pinellas County. 

Your family will love visiting all the shops and restaurants built near the neighborhood. They will also enjoy using the amenities exclusive to residents, such as pools, golf courses, and parks.

5. FishHawk 

FishHawk is a community development district located in east-central Hillsborough County. 

In recent years, it has become an increasingly more popular place for families to move because it offers newer homes set away from the sights and sounds of the city.

FishHawk is named after Little FishHawk Creek, which connects the Alafia River to Lithia Springs. You and your family can enjoy living in the peaceful part of the country but be able to take a short car ride into the city. 

Call the Tampa Area Home

The best Tampa suburbs are the ones that fit the needs of you and your family.

Tampa is a fun city that’s an exciting place to call home regardless of where you live. But before you move into the city, you will need to narrow down the perfect area for you and your family and pack up all your belongings to start your new life.

At Community Moving & Storage, we are a team of movers with decades of experience in and around Tampa. We are dedicated to helping people find the best solutions to their moving needs and take pride in our focus on customer service.Contact us today to learn more. We can help make your move to Tampa a smooth one!