Helping Movers: 10 Things Professional Movers Want You to Know

Helping movers on moving day can be bittersweet for the movers. Sometimes our help is a hindrance, but you can ensure you’re making the right moves with this insightful article!

Here’s what you’ll need to know to be productive on moving day, making sure this stressful time runs as smoothly as possible:

1. Pack All Items Before Movers Arrive

Don’t wait until movers arrive to begin packing stuff away into boxes.

Have all of your belongings packed up and waiting for the moving team to load onto the truck.

A trusted mover will provide you with plenty of tips and advice for having everything packed and ready for the big day.

2. Label Boxes

Knowing where boxes are headed to will save a lot of time and energy for you later on. However, it also helps movers organize the move to be quicker and more efficient.

3. Distribute Heavy Items Equally

If you have books, bowling balls, or other heavy items, try to disperse them around to avoid single heavy boxes. Alternatively, movers will appreciate the heavier stuff divided in smaller boxes.

4. Mark Fragile Items

If you have glassware or china (or anything fragile), mark the boxes they’re in to avoid any trouble during the move. Movers can’t ensure every box gets equal treatment during the drive, so they need to prioritize.

5. Keep Walkways Free of Clutter

As the movers go back and forth between your home and the moving truck, they’ll need any clutter removed to avoid dangerous consequences.

6. Don’t Make Extra Traffic

Sometimes, the hazard can be the person moving. Avoid getting in the way of the movers as they lift and transport heavy objects to and from their trucks.

7. Keep Pets and Children Safely Out of the Way

Consider having a sitter watch your children and pets on moving day. This will help not only keep them out from underfoot but will keep both calmer. The day can be chaotic and stressful, plus seeing the house getting packed up and moved can be emotionally unsettling for kids and furry friends alike.

8. Don’t Stray Too Far

Don’t wander or leave while the movers are handling boxes. They may have questions for you or else will need your input on sorting and such.

9. Refreshments are Nice

Offering water or soda is an excellent idea as movers will be exerting a lot of energy battling the elements. Help keep movers hydrated and refreshed to ensure the best experience.

10. Gratuities are Appreciated

While not always expected, tips are always appreciated. Monitor the quality of the job being performed and tip accordingly.

Professional Household Moving

Helping movers by setting things appropriately and offering the right assistance will make moving day a breeze.

Still looking for more insight moving tips? Looking for a professional moving company in your area? Check out the Community Mover website today to get more advice and learn more about our exceptional moving services!