How to Make Your Young Children Feel Comfortable In a New Home

Moving to a new home is a stressful event for any family, but it can be especially tough for young children.

Kids typically don’t like change. Studies show that significant transitions are difficult for children.

As a parent, you need to do everything you can to help make your kids comfortable in your new home. Taking some simple steps will help ease the stress of adapting to a new environment.

To help you out, we’re going over some techniques for making moving easier on your young children.

Get Them Involved in the Move

Easing the transition should start before you’re in the new home. By getting your kids involved the move, you help make the process a positive one. It also helps them mentally prepare.

Have your children organize their rooms themselves in preparation for packing. If you’re having a garage sale, ask them to pick out items they no longer want.

You can also help them create a scrapbook of all the memories they have of the house. This could also include the phone numbers and addresses of neighborhood friends. Let them know they won’t lose contact with them.

Finally, let your children have a going away party with their friends in the old house.

Help Them Get to Know Their New Home

If possible take your children to the new house before moving in. Do a little exploring with your children. Walk through the entire house and let them know what each room will be.

Let them get to know your new home before the process of moving takes place. This includes the garage and backyard.

You could even make the process fun by playing hide and seek or setting up a treasure hunt. Not only does this help your children become familiar with the home, but it also creates a positive feeling right away.

Give Their Room First Priority

Your children need to feel a connection and familiarity with their new rooms as soon as possible. So, unpack their rooms first.

Let them help with the process and give them some freedom regarding the arrangement of things. This makes them understand the new space is theirs.

Unpacking and arranging their new room will also give them a sense of accomplishment. If your children are proud of and comfortable with their new room, they’ll adjust much quicker.

Explore the New Neighborhood with Them

Your children also have an entirely new neighborhood to get used to. A new community can be very intimidating, so help them out by taking them on a journey.

If there’s a park nearby, let them familiarize themselves with the environment. They’ll likely meet other kids who’ll become close friends.

Check out any community pools and recreation centers right away. This will get them excited about their new life. You could even take them for a walk around their new school before their first day.

Making Moving Easier Can Be Fun

Even if they don’t show it, your young children are probably nervous about the upcoming move. By turning each step into a fun activity, you’re making moving easier on them and helping them adapt to their new environment.

Use the methods discussed above and relieve some of the stress associated with a big transition.

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