Move Across the Country on a Budget

Did you know almost 36 million Americans move every year? That’s a lot of packing tape!

If you’re one of those 36 million, but you’re looking to make a bigger move than a hop across the street, you’re probably looking at all the “needed” expenses for a cross-country move, and feeling daunted.

Not to worry!

We’ve got your expenses in mind with this easy guide on how to move across the country on a budget.

1. Downsize as Much as You Can

Relocating across the country on a budget is possible if you only move the things you like and will need in the future.

Don’t pay to move items you won’t need, or that can be replaced once you arrive at your new home.

Shipment weight is a key factor in calculating long-distance moves, so it is essential to declutter your home and purge items that are not worth the transportation costs.

For instance, if you maintain a storage unit before you move, it is likely you don’t need much of what is in there. Reduce shipment costs by purging things in storage.

Also, consider leaving behind bulky items like weight sets and large furniture or inexpensive furniture. These large, heavy items cost extra money to move. Be certain to check your new home’s measurements to see if the pieces will fit. Don’t bother with the trouble and expense of moving an oversized bookcase if it’s not going to fit anywhere in your new home.

Likewise, if the furniture you currently have is inexpensive, it might cost more to move it than to replace it once in your new home.

2. Go Free First

One expense that can add up when moving is purchasing new moving boxes.

If you’re planning months or even just weeks ahead for a move, start saving boxes now.

Save yourself some cash and hang onto your cardboard boxes. Everything from diaper boxes, Costco boxes, cereal boxes, or even those big plastic pretzel jars, can be used to store things when you’re moving.

There are several ways to secure free cardboard boxes for moving. Check with your local grocery store, electronics store, or shopping center to see when they do inventory. Ask the store managers if you can have some of their surplus cardboard boxes. Odds are, they’ll be delighted to pass them on at no expense to you. Or check online sites like Craigslist or Freecycle.

Your moving company might also have gently used boxes at a discounted rate. Be sure to inquire with them as well.

3. Pick the Right Moving Date

Many people choose to move during the summer months when school is out, or they have time off work. The demand for moving services and equipment are typically at a premium at this time of the year.

If you have the option, be selective about when you move across the country. Try to pick a date when rates for moving vans or services aren’t as high. Prices are often lower in the winter, but, you also want to consider weather conditions.

It may be helpful to hire a mover with considerable experience as they will be more familiar and helpful with understanding a variety of conditions.

4. Take Advantage of Relocation Packages

If you’re lucky enough to be moving across the country for a new job, you might be able to get some financial assistance from your new company.

If so, many companies will help foot the bill for things like a moving service, truck, flights, etc. Talk to your HR representative and see what options are available to you.

In cross country moves a relocation package can be key.

More Ideas for How to Move Across the Country

If you’re looking for even more helpful ideas on how to move across the country, talk with experienced moving professionals.

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