Moving Into Your First House: 3 Things to Know About Home Ownership

Signing the paperwork and getting the keys is only the first step of homeownership. When you’re transitioning from renter to homeowner, there a few steps you can take to ensure you get off to a good start in your new home.

We’ve put together a list of three things to know about homeownership before moving into the first house you’ve ever owned.

We hope it helps as you move your belongings in and begin making your new house feel like a home.

1. Get to Know Your Security System

Before you move in, make sure your home is safe.

Change every lock—you never know where the previous owner hid spare keys. Once you’ve changed the locks, consider installing a permanent lockbox outside your home where you can store an extra key. Don’t forget locks on sheds and gates.

If your home has a garage door opener, reset your key codes.

Check any motion lights and security lighting on your property and replace burned-out bulbs. Check and replace the batteries for your home security system. 

2. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Before you sleep or cook in your home for the first time, make sure you have fire extinguishers. Place one in the kitchen and one on each level of your home.

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Your home inspector likely checked them as part of your pre-closing inspection, but do your own check as well. Remove the covers from smoke detectors, dust inside and outside the units, and replace the batteries.

When you first move into a new house, you likely won’t have your address memorized. Print it on a Post-It note or a small magnetized whiteboard. That way, you’ll have it handy if you need to call 911.

Tip: Even hardwired smoke detectors need new batteries.

3. Hire Help When Moving into Your First House

If you’re like most first-time homeowners, you might think you don’t have much to move. Besides, your friends don’t mind taking a day and helping lug your belongings up and down a few stairs.

There’s a vast difference between asking friends and hiring professional movers.

When you hire a moving company, the team is there for you from start-to-finish. Friends are helpful, but often they can’t commit the time it takes to get everything moved. Movers help you plan then get everything moved efficiently. 

Tip: Help your movers by clearly labeling your boxes and creating a map of your home so the movers know precisely where to place them upon arrival.

Ready to Move?

We’ve shared three of our favorite things homeowners should know when they buy their first home. Over the years, you’ll discover many more things about owning a home.

If you need help moving into your first house, we’re here for you. Contact us today for a free quote.