Moving Your Family Long Distance? 5 Tips for Road Trips with Kids

If you’re relocating your family to another state, there’s no doubt you’ve been going over the logistics for months. From making plans with your moving company to ensuring your new home is ready, a long-distance move involves many steps.

To top it off, you have to make the trip. This may seem like the easiest part, but if you have kids, it can be a challenge.

Here are five tips for successful road trips with kids.

1. Schedule Breaks

It’s important to keep in mind that young children tire much quicker than adults. They can also become restless when having to sit for long periods.

Plan your route and make sure to schedule plenty of breaks so that everybody can stretch their legs. This might add a little time to your trip, but your kids will be much more comfortable.

2. Pack Plenty of Healthy Snacks

Your kids are bound to get hungry throughout the trip. However, this doesn’t mean you need to stop at fast-food restaurants.

Pack a cooler with snacks and drinks that are both convenient and healthy. Things like dried fruits, trail mix, and bottled water will come in handy.

You should also pack some sweet treats to reward your kids for good behavior. Include some for yourself too.

3. Keep Your Kids Entertained

Let’s face it; long road trips can get boring. It’s also harder for young kids to stay patient.

Bringing some entertainment along is the best way to help your children pass the time. The great thing is, there are countless options.

Digital games on a tablet will provide hours of entertainment. You could also teach your kids some classic road trip games like I spy or the license plate game. 

4. Be Ready for Messes

Kids tend to make messes during road trips. Spills are bound to happen, and the car will inevitably accumulate trash.

To make cleanup easier, keep some disposable wet wipes on hand. You should also bring a large zip lock bag for trash.

If you’re traveling with an infant, make sure you have a changing pad and plenty of extra clothes in your travel bag.

5. Stay Safe

During a road trip, the most important thing is the safety of your kids. You’ll need to bring some things along to assist you in the event of an emergency.

A travel first-aid kit is a must. You should also have medicine on hand. Bring along children’s Tylenol, medicine for stomach aches, and something for motion sickness.

It’s also a good idea to bring blankets for your kids, especially if you’re traveling during cold weather.

Make Road Trips with Kids as Easy as Possible  

Making a long-distance move with your family is an exciting time. All you have to do is conquer the road trip, and you can start your new life.

Use these tips for road trips with kids and make the most out of your adventure.

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