Unfinished Home Projects to Complete Before Moving Out of Your Rental

A household move is stressful. While your focus is on downsizing, hiring movers, and packing your belongings to head to your new place, it’s easy to ignore your list of unfinished home projects.

Although cleaning and repairing your home is probably the last thing you are worried about, it’s essential to leave the place as nice as it was when you moved in. Read over your lease to see what is expected of you before you go to make sure you aren’t charged extra fees.

And while you’re crossing things off your move-out list, keep these home projects in mind.

Basic Cleaning

The first thing on your list of home repairs should be basic cleaning tasks. The cleaner you leave your place looking, the more likely you are to get your security deposit back.

Going the extra mile to clean things like baseboards, ceiling fixtures, doorknobs, and windows will ensure your landlord is pleased.

Review the move-out section of your lease to understand what is expected of you entirely. Different landlords expect different things, so it’s essential to read every detail.

Some landlords may even expect professional carpet cleaning and will charge you fees if all the cleaning is not done correctly.

Repairing Wall Damage

It’s not uncommon for there to be minor wall damage to a home you’ve been living in for a while. If you’ve hung pictures on the wall or moved furniture around and caused scratches, you’ll want to repair these imperfections to avoid charges.

You can quickly patch up nail and tack holes with spackle from your local hardware store. If you find scuff marks or scratches anywhere, try using a Magic Eraser or any melamine eraser to remove them.


If the wall marks and damage are bad enough that it can’t be fixed with minor repairs, consider repainting. It’ll be much easier to repaint once all of your belongings have been removed.

This will help the place look as new and clean as the day you first moved in. If you painted the walls a different color after you moved in, you should also consider painting them back to avoid steep repainting fees.

Whether you decide to do the painting yourself or hire professional painters, it will probably cost you less than if the landlord charges you.

Tell Your Landlord About Any Issues

If there is anything that you can’t repair on your own, communicate this to your landlord. It’s always better to be upfront with them instead of just skipping out without giving them a heads up.

Minor wear and tear damage at a residence is typical, and the sooner that your landlord is made aware of the issue, the faster they can fix the problem, which may even lessen the cost for you.

Completing Home Projects

After you’ve completed these home projects, you’ll be all set to start your big move. And although moving can be a lot of work, it’s always exciting to get the chance to experience a new place.

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