Unveiling Your New Digs: The Ultimate Housewarming Party Ideas

Welcome to the neighborhood!

You’ve done the hard part—house hunting, packing, hiring movers, unpacking—and you’re finally starting to settle into your new digs.

Now, what better way to make your house a home than to invite friends, family members, loved ones, and even new neighbors to check out your new spot and do a little mingling? 

Here, we discuss some housewarming party ideas that take the stress of planning out of the equation. After all, you just finished moving—you don’t want to work too hard! These ideas guarantee a party that’s smooth, fun, and simple to execute. 

DIY Food and Drink Bar

One of the best ways to ensure you spend the party with your guests, rather than meal-prepping in the kitchen, is to have do-it-yourself food and drink bars.

This allows guests to grab food or make drinks whenever they want from pre-set stations while you get to think about other things.

For food bars, consider themes like

  • A nacho bar (include ramekins for toppings and keep the meat hot)
  • A sandwich bar with meats and cheeses, toppings, and bread
  • A slider bar—you can prep meat like pulled pork early and include buns and toppings

You can also put out small trays with dips, veggies, cheeses, and the like.

For drink bars, consider

  • A tea, lemonade, and water station
  • Build-your-own mimosas (put a variety of juices and fruit garnishes out)
  • A beer cooler
  • A white and red sangria bar
  • A simple ‘bar,’ i.e., liquors, mixers, and lime/lemon garnishes

This allows you to take a “hands-off” approach at the party and enjoy yourself! Plus, the clean-up is simple.

Make sure to have plenty of plates, cups, and napkins around, as well as coasters for the drinks.

Consider an Open House Mentality

First, set aside a chunk of time that will be best for you and the attendees—like a Saturday or Sunday, mid-afternoon.

If you send out invitations, consider doing an “open house” style party. An open house allows attendees to come and go as it is convenient for them. If they’re not able to show up right on time, they won’t feel bad about attending for the last hour—instead of not showing up at all. 

You can even consider inviting neighbors. Keep the entrance to your home inviting and distinct, perhaps also placing streamers, balloons, or a sign near the front door or mailbox.

Play Some Games

No housewarming party is complete without some games.

Plus, if you have some queued up, you can suggest playing one whenever there’s a lull in the party. This is also an excellent way for people who don’t know each other to meet, hang out, and connect.

Some great housewarming games include

  • Cornhole
  • Jenga (you can even have guests sign Jenga pieces for a cool souvenir)
  • A ‘new home’ trivia—include questions about your new home and neighborhood and see what your guests remember!
  • Charades

You can even place some kid-friendly games in a particular room to keep the children entertained.

Enjoy These Housewarming Party Ideas

Are you excited to host a party in your new home?

With these inspiring, fun housewarming party ideas, you’re well on your way to a fantastic shindig!

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