4 Essential Things to Do Right Before & After Moving

Moving involves many activities, and even after unloading the truck into your new residence, you still have more things to do on your moving checklist. There are several things to do once in your new home to help finish getting you settled in. So take a deep breath and get ready to take care of those essential things after you have moved. 

The list of essential things to do after moving is not and should not take you too long to complete. However, the following items need to be completed soon after you have moved: 

Organize Your New Home

Chances are, once you unload the truck, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of boxes and items you still need to unpack. With everything you have to do after moving, you may have little time to relax. However, the sooner you organize your new home, the sooner you will get to be able to kick back and relax. 

To start organizing, go through your new home and move boxes to the room where you will unpack them. This way, as you have time, you can go to a room and start unpacking a box at a time. Until you have fully unpacked and organized everything, take advantage of every spare moment you have. 

Change Your Mailing Address

Make sure you continue to receive your mail at your new location. Once you know your new address, change your mailing address at the post office. Changing your address should be one of the first things you do when moving and can be done in person or online. You will be able to set a date when the mail should be delivered to the new address.

Register Children at a New School

If there is time, before your move, check the schools where you are moving to ensure you know the process for registering your children. Then, once you have moved to a new school district, you will need to get your children enrolled in their new school as soon as possible. Some school districts will require proof of residency, such as a driver’s license or utility bill. As a new resident, getting the appropriate documentation quickly can be difficult, so plan ahead. 

When packing, make sure to keep all essential records and paperwork packed separately. These items should include current school records, shot records, and anything else required to enroll at the new school. Keeping these items separate from other packed paperwork reduces any delay in getting your children registered while you search for the necessary paperwork. 

Register Your Vehicles

Did you bring a car with you when you moved? Did you move out of state? If so, you will need to register your vehicle in your new state. Even if you moved locally, you would need to update your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

In addition to registering your vehicle, you must also transfer your driver’s license to your new state and address. Also, don’t forget to contact your insurance company to update your address and your policy. 

We can help make your move as stress-free as possible. Call us today for a quote and additional information about how we can help you with your upcoming move.