5 Things To Do When You’re Moving Into a New Home

So, you’ve arrived in your new home after the big move. Now what? Unpack, of course.

But, there are also some things to do right away when moving into a new home. Claim sleeping quarters, turn on the utilities, get the pets in order, change your mailing address to name a few. And, there are other things that you may have already forgotten, even if you wrote them down. That’s okay; we’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn about some of the top five things to do when moving into a new house.

5 Things to Do When Moving Into a New Home

At first, you may just stare and wonder what to do when you move into a new house. This is normal. Take a few minutes to soak it all in.

Now, on to the important tasks to take care of.

Wipe Out Cabinets

Before you stock your cabinets with clean dishes and food, you’ll want to make sure there are no crumbs left over from the previous occupants. Wipe out the cabinets and replace the contact paper.

Steam Clean Carpets

If you have hardwood, you may want to refinish it before placing all of your furniture. Carpets are a haven for allergens and dirt, so don’t wait to steam clean. You can hire a steam cleaning service for about $50 per room or rent a steam cleaner and do it your self for about $30 per day.

Eliminate Pests

Do a thorough search for uninvited guests like ants, mice, termites, and bats. Especially if the home has been vacant for a while, there are likely at least a few spiders lurking around. If you think you have a problem, it’s best to contact a pest removal service.

Check for Plumbing Leaks

Your home inspector should have checked for plumbing leaks before you finalized the closing on your new home, but it’s always a good idea to look again. Keep an eye out for running toilets and dripping faucets.

Change the Locks

If you’re wondering what to do when moving into a new home, the very first thing should be to change the locks. You can do it yourself for the cost of a new deadbolt and lock or hire a locksmith.

BONUS: Meet the Neighbors

Moving to a new house should also be fun. Don’t forget to get out and say hello to your neighbors and introduce yourself and your family. You’ll be living here for a while and what better way to feel at home than to have some friends in the neighborhood.

What to Do When Moving Into a New House

It may seem like there are a thousand things to do when moving into a new home. Keep these tips in mind, so you don’t forget the most important ones from day one.

If you need assistance moving to your new home, don’t hesitate to contact us! We have friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced movers ready to serve you.