5 Tips on How to Be the Best New Neighbor on the Block

Moving into a new neighborhood? Congrats!

A new home is a new beginning and with that come new neighbors.

Nothing is worse than a problem with the people who live next door. It can feel like you’re always walking on eggshells in your own house and even make you want to move again.

Avoid this situation by being the best new neighbor possible and bringing out the best of those around you.

Here are some tips for making a great first impression and ensuring things run smoothly at your new place.

Introduce Yourself

You’d be surprised how many new neighbors go out of their way to avoid an introduction.

If you’re just moving to the area, knock on your neighbor’s door at a reasonable time of day (not late at night or early in the morning) and introduce yourself.

Tell them where you’re moving from and disclose a little information about who you are. This always helps to make a connection and find commonalities off the bat.

Exchange your names and phone numbers. Having your neighbors names and numbers is a good idea in case of emergencies.

Greet your new neighbors when you see them out and about in the community. You’ll undoubtedly eat and shop in some of the same places, so be sure you connect with them and remind them you’re here.

Offer Your Help

People appreciate a helpful neighbor.

If you find there’s something you’re good at or that they could use assistance with, offer your expertise. This doesn’t have to be a significant commitment.

It could be as simple as letting them borrow your electric drill or giving them the name of your accountant when you hear they need help with their taxes.

These are all small gestures but show that you’ll be a positive addition to the neighborhood.

Ask Questions

You don’t have to be best friends with your neighbors, but you should get to know them a little.

Find out if they have children, pets,  and what kind of hours they work. This can help you be a good neighbor and also gives you an opportunity to share a bit about yourself and your family.

For example, maybe you’ll find out they don’t leave for work until mid-day, so you can offer to change the time your sprinklers go off, so they don’t drench their car.

This type of exchange can go a long way with maintaining the relationship with your neighbor, and they’ll appreciate the care.  

Be Considerate

The best way to be a great new neighbor is to be considerate.

Don’t play your music until all hours of the night. If you’re going to have a party, let your neighbors know in advance and even consider inviting them. Clean up after yourself and keep your home well-maintained.

Don’t park in their driveway and drive slowly on your block. In short, consider your new neighbors the way you’d want to be considered.

Be the Best New Neighbor

Nobody wants to have a problem with their new neighbor. Follow the tips above to be the biggest hit on the block and have things go well with the people on your street.

They’ll appreciate your effort, and you’ll get a terrific living experience in return.

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