6 Keys to Moving Art the Right Way

Moving boxes and packing can be considered an art form. Properly moving and packing items ensure that your precious belongings arrive safely at their destination. 

Moving art requires thought, planning, and some much-needed packing and moving tips. 

No matter if the art is appraised at $5,000 or is a family heirloom, you need to pack it correctly to ensure its safe arrival. 

Packing and moving are always challenging. But, extra care is needed when moving precious belongings. A reputable moving company can help you with this process, but you’ll also need to identify your most valuable items before hiring movers. 

This includes any hanging art, sculptures, or even your child’s first painting. Art is hard to replace and sometimes can’t be replaced at all. Art isn’t just for decoration either; sometimes it’s passed down for generations and provides us with a sense of identity.

Here are some tips for packing your art. 

1. Painter’s Tape

Use painter’s tape to place a large “X” on the glass of any artwork. The tape will help protect the glass, but if the glass does happen to break, the tape will hold the pieces together to prevent injury.

2. Cardboard Corners

For frames and expensive pieces of art, invest in cardboard corners. Place the cardboard corners on each edge of the artwork. This will prevent the frame or canvas from getting damaged during the move.

3. Plastic Wrap

For paintings and sculptures, invest in some plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will cover the artwork’s finish and protect it during the move if friction occurs. Wrap a generous amount of plastic wrap around the artwork before moving on to the next step.

4. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is every mover’s best friend.

After wrapping the artwork in plastic wrap, cover it with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will provide extra padding and protection. It will also cushion your artwork in case it gets dropped or moved around during the move.

5. Padding

Wrap individual small pictures and frames with packing paper. Place a layer of crumpled paper in between each item. Test the box for potential shifting before you seal it. If anything feels like it’s moving around, add crumpled packing paper to pad the artwork so that it doesn’t shift.

6. Labels

Lastly, label the box with its contents and the word “fragile.” This lets the movers and your family know what’s in the box and how to handle it properly. 

Moving Art and Hiring a Moving Company

Moving art can cause anxiety, but there are professional moving companies that can help. These moving companies need to be bonded and insured and have a track record of satisfied customers. 

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