Get Cozy After a Move: Tips to Help Make Your House a Home

If you’re moving to Tampa, a local moving company can do a lot to make sure it’s a smooth transition. Yet, it’s up to you to make your house a home. 

It’s a well-known fact that moving is a stressful event. However, research from Berkeley University suggests things get even worse after you’ve arrived.

Unpacking and re-organizing everything again takes time and causes upheaval in your daily routine. Here are our top tips for getting settled quickly and putting an end to the anxiety. 

Small Touches Make Your House a Home

One of the things most responsible for that empty feeling, when you move into a new place, is the lack of decor. 

Putting up curtains and drapes is the first step. Not only will they bring a cozier feel to your environment, but they’re also an important security measure. 

Art should be the next thing out of the bubble wrap. Putting your artwork in place adds a touch of the familiar to your surroundings and will help you feel more at home. 

In fact, studies have revealed that looking at art has the same effect as gazing upon your object of affection which can only be a good thing. 

Take Some Tips from the Pros

Spas exist to help people de-stress. Take some tips from them to create a sense of home in your new environment. 

Candles, natural light, soft music, and flowers are just what the doctor ordered to soothe your frazzled nerves. You can start with one space and use that as your escape room when the stress of unpacking becomes a little too much to bear. 

Unpacking Priorities

Children can become very unsettled during a move. Help them to feel at home by setting their rooms in order first. 

You can let them help design the layout of their rooms and unpack all their favorite things. It will provide them a sense of ownership as well as help reduce the load on you. 

Another essential place to start unpacking is your closets. Searching through boxes and suitcases for something to wear every day is tedious and frustrating. Getting your closets in order will help to relieve some of your daily troubles. 

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Keep Routines in Place

Try to keep your familiar daily routines in place as much as possible. Get the most commonly used kitchen items in place quickly to ensure predictable mealtimes. 

If you had a particular spot in your old home where children dropped their school bags, and parents kept their keys, set up a similar place in your new house.

Continue with your regular cleaning routine despite the disarray and insist that children keep up with their chores. Try to keep things as predictable as they were before. 

Getting the Best Start

Reputable local moving companies in Tampa won’t just drop your stuff and run. They’ll put each box in the correct room as well as help you place heavy furniture correctly.These extra little courtesies go a long way towards helping you make your house a home. Get in touch to ensure your time in Tampa gets off to a great start.