Local Culture: 5 Museums in Tampa You Can’t-Miss

Tampa has fascinations for both locals and visitors. Outdoor activities are all the rage thanks to its balmy climate, but there are plenty of low-key ways to spend time around Tampa too. 

The area has a long and colorful history dating back to 1539. You’ll find no shortage of museums in Tampa where you can find out more about its exciting past.  

It’s also a hotspot of artistic endeavors and home to some of the best art museums in Florida. Here’s a snapshot of the best places to go in Tampa for an intellectual boost. 

1. Henry B. Plant Museum

Housed in the original building of the Tampa Bay Hotel circa 1891, this Tampa history museum provides a glimpse of the early days of tourism in the area. 

Here you’ll step back in time to a grander age of ornate furniture, elaborate gardens, and extravagant architecture. 

2. Glazer Children’s Museum

As the name suggests, this is one of the best Tampa museums if you have children to entertain. There are enough attractions here to keep any child busy here for days, and the best part is they’ll be learning as they go.

There’s a handyman, fireman, cooking and science station, as well as a mini theatre to amuse kids of all ages.  The special events and workshops are a top hit with the youngsters too. 

It’s the best way to keep children occupied on rainy days when outdoor activities are less accessible. 

3. Tampa Bay History Center

It’s all about interactive exhibits and mini theatres showcasing the history of Central Florida.

From the earliest, inhabitants via the first settlers and the cigar trade to present times, you’ll learn all about it at this premier Tampa museum. 

4. Ybor City State Museum

This museum, housed in the historic Ferlita Bakery, is a left-over from Tampa’s once-thriving cigar industry. It’s a celebration of the Cuban, Spanish, and Italian residents of Tampa, against a backdrop of lively Latin music.

After your museum tour, you can explore the lush Meditteranean styled gardens outside, including a perfectly restored cigar worker’s casita.

5. SS American Victory Museum Ship

Take a tour of one of the only remaining WWII ships either on your own or with a guide.

Discover what it was like living on a warship during these troubled times in the crews quarters, or check out the galley, bridge, mess halls, and weaponry.

6. Major Art Museums in Tampa

The Tampa Museum of Art boasts an eye-catching architectural design as well as a substantial collection of Greek and Roman antiquities. It’s also well-known for its displays of contemporary photography and special educational events.

The Salvador Dali Museum has one of the largest collections of work by this artist. It holds pride of place on the waterfront of downtown St. Petersburg. 

Ready to Make the Move to Tampa?

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