How to Move to Your New Home Without a Hitch

Are you relocating your family soon? Moving into a new house is challenging, but having a moving plan makes the relocation process more manageable.

Here are a few ideas to consider as you prepare our family for your household move.

1. Start Early

 Moving can take a long time, so don’t underestimate it. Going through your belongings and adequately packing them takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, some people wait until the last minute to start packing and become overwhelmed. So, start planning as soon as you know you will be moving.   

2. Create a Checklist 

Create a detailed checklist that includes a step-by-step detail of what you need to do. Include a timeline and completion dates for each item on your list.

Here are some things to include on your moving checklist:

  • Create a moving binder
  • Develop a budget
  • Contact several movers for quotes
  • Make a room-by-room inventory
  • Declutter
  • Hold garage sale
  • Complete change of address
  • Arrange for utilities
  • Update or cancel memberships
  • Create a packing schedule
  • Donate non-perishable food
  • Secure sitters for kids and pets on moving day

With a well-made moving plan, you can keep your move organized and on track.

3. Prepare the Kids

Finding ways to prepare your kids for moving day is essential to the experience. In addition to being stressed by the situation, they may not enjoy relocating as much as you do. It’s difficult for them to cope with change, so try to prepare and explain the process. Tell them about the move as soon as you know, so they have as much time to adjust to the idea as possible.

Moving into a new place and enjoying it from day one is essential. Plus, engaging them in the process is helpful. Getting their buy-in will let them feel they have control in an uncertain situation. 

4. Declutter and Keep Only What you Need 

Moving is the ideal time to sort through your belongings and dispose of those no longer useful. Packing will probably uncover many things you no longer need that you have collected over the years. Let go of toys and games your kids no longer play with and clothing that doesn’t fit. Give your holiday decor a once over too. You might find a lot there that doesn’t get used anymore and therefore you shouldn’t bring with you to your new home. 

If you have the time and energy, hold a garage sale or repurpose the items through online apps. Otherwise, donate them to local charities.

5. Pack Your Essentials Box

Your essentials box should include things like extra clothing, medications, toiletries, electronics charging cords, and a few snacks. The last thing you want to do is spend hours sifting through boxes in search of your toothbrush or contact lens case. Packing enough things to get you through a couple of days in your new home is wise. Label this your “Essentials Box.” Keep this box in your car for when you arrive ahead of the moving truck.

Moving Without a Hitch 

Moving can be chaotic, but starting early and creating a plan can make the process easier. Contact us for additional help.