Lighten your load when moving: 5 Tips for Packing to Reduce Wrinkles and Excess Washing

Packing your clothes makes up a significant part of a household move. With some preparation and a little upfront work, you can make moving into your new home and unpacking easier for yourself and your family..

Here are packing tips to help minimize wrinkles, unnecessary laundering, and damaged clothing when you move.

1. Invest in Packing Containers

Tossing clothing in a large garbage bag is a sure way to end up with very wrinkled clothing.  To ensure your clothing arrives clean, wrinkle-free, and undamaged, consider the appropriate use of purpose-made containers. The best moving packages for clothing include:

  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Suitcases
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Structurally sound cardboard boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the best bet to minimize wrinkles. For blouses, dresses, dress shirts, and other wrinkle-prone items, a properly packed wardrobe box will deliver your items wrinkle-free. 

By contrast, suitcases (or even backpacks or duffel bags) are great for socks, undergarments, and shoes; basically, any smaller items that won’t get wrinkled and are not easily damaged. 

For bulky items that don’t easily wrinkle, vacuum bags are a good option. Consider this route for heavy-knit sweaters, puffy jackets, or the like.

If your movers are okay with this, you can use a dresser (sealing the drawers) to transport clothing that folds nicely.  Again, check with your moving company to confirm that you can pack things in your dressers.

2. Clean your Clothes as You Pack Them

Clothing that has been in a closet or storage for a prolonged period will pick up odors. Laundering these items will ensure they arrive fresh and won’t introduce any odors to your new home.

3. Pack Boxes Appropriately

While it is tempting to try to stuff as much into a box as you can, you should avoid doing so. Overstuffing a box can lead to damage to the items. From scuffing to tearing, rough treatment can have unintended consequences.

4. Use Hangers When Possible

Delicate clothing items do better when hanging in wardrobe boxes mentioned above. These boxes contain a crossbar that allows you to hang items like dresses, jackets, and other things that can be difficult to launder and easily wrinkled. If you do not have hangers for all your delicate items, it will be worth purchasing them to use the appropriate boxes.

5. Use Protective Plastic If Items Go Into Storage

Storing items between moving out and in can expose your clothing to humidity and moister. This can be ruinous to your clothing. Mold and mildew will take hold. For sensitive items, wrap the boxes in protective plastic to prevent moister from reaching your clothing. Better yet, use a reputable mover with climate-controlled storage facilities as well.

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