New on the Block: Friendly Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

You’ll feel like a stranger in Tampa until you get to know some of your neighbors, so it’s best to make an effort to socialize as soon as you can.

Apart from helping you to fit in, studies show that harmonious neighborly relations are especially important in aging communities. However, it’s safe to assume that these findings could apply to communities all over America. 

Here are some easy ways to meet your neighbors without feeling awkward. 

Keep it Simple – Say Hello

When you move into a new neighborhood, common courtesies will go a long way towards helping you make friends. Say ‘hello’ to everyone you meet. 

This simple greeting gives them the option to strike up a conversation if they want to. It’s an easy way to get people talking without approaching them directly with awkward small talk. 

Walk Your Dog

Dogs are great for meeting people. They attract the attention of fellow dog lovers, who may approach to admire the new pet on the block. Studies show that dogs are excellent facilitators of human interactions. 

They also give you an excuse to walk around the neighborhood to get familiar with your new surroundings.  

Get Outdoors

If you don’t have a dog, gardening is a good way to meet local community members too.

Have you noticed that your nearest neighbor is often out there doing their green-fingered thing? Getting busy in your own garden could allow you to strike up a conversation with them. 

Likewise, passers-by could stop for a chat if they see you busy outside. Gardening is an excellent way to meet people on almost neutral territory.

Get Involved

Join your local community’s Facebook page as soon as possible so you can stay up to date with happenings in your hood. You can also scour local newspapers and websites for upcoming events

Local markets, charity, and school events are an excellent way to show an interest in your new neighborhood and meet people at the same time.

When you show that you’re prepared to be an active member of your community, people will warm up to you right away. 

Meet your Neighbors on Purpose

If you’re not the shy type, you can try a more direct approach to meeting the neighbors.

One way is to knock on their front door and introduce yourself. However, this approach can be challenging. You might catch them at an inconvenient time, getting your neighborly relations off to a bad start. 

One way to get off on the right foot is by hosting a get-to-know-each-other get-together. Most people love a party, and they’ll have the benefit of bringing people along that they already know. 

It’s also a shortcut to meeting as many people as possible fast.

More Information on Managing Your Move

When you make an effort to meet your neighbors, you’re paving your way to a place in your new community. This means you’ll feel at home a lot sooner and have access to first-hand information about your surroundings.

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