Tampa Foodies Rejoice: 4 Top Restaurants In Ybor City

Ybor City is arguably the most exciting neighborhood in Tampa Bay.

It’s an eclectic area with a buzzing nightlife that’s great for dancing and drinking the night away. But when the sun comes out, the city takes on a completely different feel. It’s quiet and quaint and perfect for spending an afternoon with the family.

Ybor is the place to be if you’re looking for a bit of adventure in your backyard and some good food, too. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on the strip for your choosing, but you may as well get to know the best Ybor City restaurants first.

Here are 4 top restaurants Ybor has to offer.

1. The Columbia

The Columbia is one of the most well-known restaurants in all of Tampa and with good reason. The decor takes you back to colonial Spain the second you walk in, and the food is incredible. Whether you’re sharing a bunch of tapas or ordering a huge pan of paella, you’re sure to be impressed.

The service is top-notch, the sangria is mixed just right, and the desserts are pretty good, too. It’s family-friendly fine-dining at a more affordable price than a steakhouse, making it an excellent option for a special celebration or an everyday outing.

2. La Segunda Central Bakery

The atmosphere of La Segunda is entirely different from the Columbia.

It’s a traditional Hispanic bakery with multiple counters for you to walk up and place your order. There’s minimal seating to stick around and eat, but it’s fun to grab a breakfast sandwich or a quick lunch then enjoy your meal on the main Ybor strip.

Don’t forget to try the coffee and consider bringing a few pastries or a baguette home with you. These are so good that you’re sure to end up coming back to La Segunda on a regular basis.

3. La Creperia Cafe

Up next is La Creperia Cafe. This restaurant, best known for its crepes, also offers classic deli sandwiches, salads, and other plates. But, you’re really here for the crepes.

They have delicious savory creations and hearty breakfast options, as well as two pages of dessert crepes to choose from. These hit the spot at any time of the day.

4. Acropolis Greek Taverna

Last but not least, the Acropolis. This Ybor restaurant has a handful of other locations around the Tampa area, but there’s something special about coming here.

This fun restaurant offers a high energy atmosphere and features live music, belly dancing, Zorba dancing, napkin throwing, even plate breaking; all to recreate the ancient Greek culture as part of your dining experience.

Discover All the Best Ybor City Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Cigar Bars

You probably don’t want to try the best Ybor City restaurants all in one day, but just one of these places is bound to keep you coming back. Make sure you stop for a hand-made gourmet ice pop at The Hyppo or grab a cup of coffee at Blind Tiger to top everything off.

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