The 4 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Between 10 and 25% of Americans move to a new home every year.

Every move takes work, but long-distance moves need an extra level of preparation and organization. Making sure you are set up for the best way to move long distance comes down to four essential things.

If you’re getting ready for a long distance move, take a look at these tips that’ll make your trip easier.

1. Get In-Home Moving Estimates

When it comes to long-distance moves, finding the right moving company should be one of your top priorities. Spend some time researching different in-home moving companies and make sure you get at least three different estimates.

Don’t schedule these estimates any later than four weeks before your moving date. Otherwise, you might find yourself pressed for time. Getting estimates as early as possible is always a better idea. You’ll also want to prepare your home before the in-home estimate, so you get an accurate price.

Reputation is more important than price for long-distance moves.

While price is important, these movers will be taking all your belongings across the country. You’ll want to make sure you can trust that your items will make it to your new home in one piece.

2. Do Some Major Downsizing

The more belongings you have to pack, the more expensive your move will be. Use the packing process to organize your belongings and do some significant downsizing. Go through every room in your house and find things you don’t need or don’t use anymore.

For example, if you haven’t worn an article of clothing in over a year, you probably don’t need it. Get rid of old shoes and mismatched socks. Go through your dishes and get rid of things that are broken, old, or unused. If you have a lot of books you have finished reading, don’t keep them because they take up space and cost more money to move.

You can either donate these items or sell them yourself at a garage sale.

3. Prioritize Items When You Pack

You might arrive at your house before the rest of your things get there. Because of this, you should prioritize what you pack.

Make sure you have a box full of things you’ll need during the first few days. This might include bedding, towels, clothes, a few cooking utensils, toiletries, and other personal items. This box should stay with you during the move so you’ll have essentials if the rest of your belongings have a delay.

Allow yourself ample time to pack everything for your move. Because the move is long-distance, you’ll need to take extra care to make sure everything is secure. Bundle fragile items in bubble wrap or other packing materials.

And put your name on each box. Your things might be in the same truck as another family’s items.

4. Move During the Off-Season

Because most people move during the summer, moving prices go down during the off-season. You can save yourself a lot of money if your schedule allows you to move during the offseason which is generally the fall and winter months.

Moving mid-week and mid-month might also save you on your costs as well.

They’ll also be more movers to choose from and flexibility. Moving during the off-season is easier and less stressful.

The Best Way to Move Long Distance

A long-distance move takes a lot more planning and a lot more work than shorter moves. But if you take the time to prepare and find a reputable moving company, you can have a smooth and worry-free experience.

The best way to move long distance is during the off-season. If you can be flexible with your moving date, avoid making the trip in the summer.

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