Last-Minute Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Home

Your boxes are packed, and your new home awaits. However, are you genuinely ready to move?

If the stress of packing is mostly behind you and you’re still a few days away from moving day, take some time to do the following last-minute things before you move out for good. This last-minute checklist will ease your transition and help you feel more prepared once your household movers arrive.

Disassemble Your Furniture

You’ve cleared every drawer and packed away the valuables. Perhaps you’ve even wrapped some of your furniture with spare packing blankets. Still, you might find that some of your furniture can be disassembled.

Moving furniture in neatly disassembled parts makes for an easier and safer move. Though your movers will be extra cautious with your belongings, taking apart some of your furniture beforehand decreases the risk of any damage. In fact, some movers will tackle this task for you, so check with them if that is included in your moving package.

If you do take apart your bed frames or dressers, make sure to tape all screws and other small parts to the bottom of the furniture. If possible, pack up the disassembled parts into clearly labeled boxes. This limits any confusion when it’s time to put the furniture back together.

Dispose of Unused Chemical Products

Did you know that it’s dangerous to put chemical products onto a moving truck? And regulations prohibit professional movers from moving them.

Paints, cleaning products, and even bath products are typically flammable. They contain synthetic ingredients that can start a fire if spilled or if they come in contact with heat.

Aside from that, if any such products spill on your belongings, it will be hard to clean them off. Your things may incur damage as a result.

Properly dispose of unused chemicals. Contact your local municipality or county to find out your options for disposal. 

Donate Uneaten Food

How much food do you have left in your fridge and pantry?

You probably saved some food to last you until moving day. However, now that you’re only a few days from moving out, start donating any food you can’t keep. Check with local food pantries and neighbors to find a new home for the food.

Or, consider having a small impromptu going-away get-together. Invite your closest neighbors and friends, and have a feast with the uneaten food. At the end of your party, donate whatever is left.

Do a Final Walk-Through Before Moving Out

Did you know that the average American moves approximately 11 times in their life?

If this is your first significant move as an adult, you might not realize the importance of a final walk-through. Before locking your front door for the last time, do a slow, methodical walk-through of your former home.

  • Did you leave anything behind by accident?
  • Are there any stray belongings in your closets or cabinets?
  • Did you forget to turn off any remaining appliances?
  • Do you have all of your important documents with you?

A final walk-through might be bitter-sweet for you, but try not to focus on the emotional aspect. Instead, make a checklist of all the nooks and crannies in your home. Check them off as you walk through.

Ready to Move?

Is it finally time to say goodbye to your old home?

If so, you need all the support you can get while you’re moving out. Your friends, family, neighbors, and moving service should be standing at the ready to help you transition to your new dream home.

Here is your chance to work with reliable movers. Contact us today and get a free quote. Your upcoming move is our business.