4 Military Relocating Tips for Families

As a member of the military, you can expect to get moved around to where your country needs you. It means you and your family can see the world together and enjoy all kinds of different environments. That being said, the frequent relocations can be stressful and especially difficult for children if not executed properly. 

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to make the whole move go just a bit easier.  

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

It’s easy to underestimate how time-consuming and expensive moving across the country can be. Even if this is your second or third move as a family, it’s easy to forget and underestimate the challenge.

Proper planning and organization for a household move are essential. This planning should cover a wealth of areas. You need to plan financially and save up enough money leading up to the move to be comfortable. 

Don’t forget to factor the costs of gas, hotels, tolls when you think about driving cross country. Be realistic about your budget. Want to hire a moving company? Make sure you can fit their rate squarely into your budget.

This applies to logistics and arrangements, as well. Do you know what route your taking, where you’re staying along the way, and have you made reservations? Are your things organized so they can be easily unpacked when you arrive? You’ll want to get settled as soon as you can.

Planning can really take a lot of the stress and chaos out of the process.

2. Create A Moving Binder

As part of your planning and organization process, put together a moving binder. This can be a go-to place for all your moving needs. Within a binder, you can keep things like an itemized inventory, maps for your route, contracts with moving companies, and other such paperwork.

It’s best to split a moving binder up by tabs to keep it easy to navigate. You can include anything you find helpful in a binder, as it will become a one-stop reference point for all your moving needs.

If you want to stay on top of things, you can do two binders: one from your old house and one for your new one.

3. Reduce the Clutter

A fundamental way to make a move easier is to reduce the amount of stuff you’re moving so that there’s less that needs to be moved. 

Scale back your belongings as much as possible before the movers arrive. If you haven’t used an item in two years, there’s a good chance you don’t need it. For military families – whatever stayed in the boxes the last time you moved more than likely doesn’t have to make the trip to your next destination.

This is also an excellent time to eliminate things that are inexpensive and replaceable like shower curtains, toilet brushes, and throw rugs.

Kitchen items like spices, uneaten food, as well as products like cleaners or laundry detergent, should be discarded. Use up what you can before moving, then donate what’s left to a friend or neighbor.

4. Keep Important Items Separate

Military families often move long distances. To manage that, you probably will rely on a moving company to help you get from point A to point B.

During the moving process, your important personal documents will be inaccessible for a bit. Keep these documents close and secure during your move by keeping them with you. 

When you’re packing, sort through and gather important documents like birth certificates, passports, vehicle registration, insurance cards, medical records. Pack them separately and bring them with you in your own car. 

Also, pack an essentials box with things you will need your first night or two in your home. Include things like toilet paper, blankets, medicines, contact solution and so forth. This was you’ll know exactly where they are when you arrive. You’ll lose no time getting comfortable or having to worry during your first night.

 Military Relocating Tips 

While there’s a lot to love about the hustle of military life, the frequent moves can be a hassle. The above military relocating tips can help you get through these times with less stress.

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